The Program

We are used to being in competition with other real estate agents so we developed our Guaranteed Sale Program to have your home sold in 67 days. Because virtually no agent will give you a written guarantee to sell your home at a price acceptable to you up front, we highly recommend you meet with 3 Realtors before deciding who demonstrated the superior ability to market your home. You will find many agents have absolutely no marketing plan to sell your home so they will promise to sell your home (not guarantee it!) and then hope for the best with a yard sign and listing in the MLS. We have an entire Premier Marketing Program (a $495 value – but FREE for all our clients) designed to expose your home to the maximum, via multiple online and offline strategies. Unlike so many agents, we do spend money to market homes our clients have trusted us to sell. This is something that inexperienced or part-time agents simply cannot offer. So why pay them the same commission and get less return for your investment?

Why not select the agent who suggests the highest list price? Simply put, an agent has no control over home prices in the market, only over their own marketing plan. If you pick the agent who promises a high list price, you can expect them to wear you down with a price drop later – once nobody has come to look at your home. By then, you have missed the crucial first 3 weeks on the market and the property is possibly negatively stigmatized in the eyes of buyers (who might wonder why it’s still on the market after so long… maybe there is something wrong with it). Then you finally agree to reduce the selling price to where you should have probably listed in the first place. Now you’re 3 or 4 months on the market and at the mercy of the first offer that comes along, since you haven’t had one to negotiate yet. So instead of letting buyers fight over your property at the start, you’re now fighting alone against the one buyer who thinks you may be finally getting desperate to sell low. Is that a good spot to be in for negotiating?

So just how does the sold in 67 days guarantee work? We put our money where our mouth is and provide you with a written guarantee when we put your home up for sale. If your home does not receive an acceptable offer within 67 days, you get $1000. Contact us now to take advantage of the Guaranteed Sale Program and learn all the details. Even if you are not thinking of selling any time soon, hang on to this report for whenever you are ready. Can you truly afford to sell your home without it?